Joyce Loper, Associate Dean of Research, College of Agricultural Sciences & Director of Oregon IPM Center

Dr. Joyce Loper has been with Oregon State University for four years as a professor in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. Prior to joining the university, Joyce was a researcher with the USDA-ARS Horticultural Research Laboratory adjacent to the OSU campus, where she worked on soil borne diseases. She was named USDA-ARS Distinguished Senior Scientist of the Year in 2014 and added to the USDA-ARS Hall of Fame in 2016.




Katie Murray, Associate Professor of Practice, Statewide IPM Coordinator 

Katie earned her B.A. in psychology and philosophy from the University of Alabama in Hunstville, and her M.A. in applied anthropology from OSU. Katie’s academic interests lie at the intersection of food security, pesticide risk management, and IPM. Specific interests relate to understanding agricultural networks, and the socio-political barriers to sustainable agricultural progress. Katie develops models of engagement and assessment for diverse agricultural stakeholder groups to build connectivity, feedback, and collaboration within the research, education, and regulatory nodes of agricultural systems. 



Len Coop, Associate Professor of Practice, Associate Director of the Oregon IPM Center

Len supports agriculture in general by developing and placing online, weather and climate driven models for numerous areas including IPM/pest models, plant disease risk models, crop models, horticultural models, beneficial species models, climate suitability models, and others. Len is the Associate Director for Decision Support Systems at the Oregon IPM Center and Director of the website USPEST.ORG.





Hans Luh, Assistant Professor (Senior Researcher), Database Development and Management

Hans's research focuses on environmental data management, and particularly software development for integration, analysis, and modeling of heterogeneous environmental data.  He helps Oregon IPM Center scientists manage, process, and analyze agricultural management data. Hans builds and maintains databases to contain the agricultural information, and create web sites for end users to process, analyze, visualize, and interpret data.



Brittany Barker, Research Associate

Brittany earned her PhD in Biology at the University of New Mexico and obtained a B.S. in Zoology at Oregon State University. She uses bioinformatic tools to study how animal and plant population dynamics are influenced by environmental changes resulting from climate change, land use, fires, and invasive species. Her current research focuses on supporting agriculture by developing climate driven models for several invasive insect pests. Before joining the Oregon IPM Center in 2019, she  worked as an Ecologist with the USGS Forest Rangeland and Ecosystem Science Center (FRESC) in Boise, Idaho, and completed a competitive postdoctoral fellowship in the Ecology and Evolutionary Department at the University of Arizona. You may learn more about her work at



Isaac Sandlin, Crop Pest Losses Data Analysis

Isaac earned his B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his M.S. in Botany and Plant Pathology from Oregon State University. Prior to working at the Oregon IPM Center, Isaac was a field botanist for the Army Corps of Engineers, the Institute for Applied Ecology in Corvallis, and the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank & Plant Conservation Center at Portland State University. At the Oregon IPM Center, Isaac specializes in crop pest losses data analysis, data visualization, survey design, and reporting.




Chris Hedstrom, IPM Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Chris earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Oregon State University where he studied entomology and integrated pest management. Before joining the Oregon IPM Center in 2019 he worked for the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Insect Pest Prevention and Management program in a variety of roles including imaging specialist, biological control specialist and invasive species response coordinator. His interests in IPM include the promotion of biological control and long-term evaluation of IPM techniques. 



Pesticide Safety Eduction Program (PSEP)

Information about the PSEP staff can be found on their main program page. 

Affiliated Staff and Faculty

Gwendolyn Ellen, Farmscaping for Beneficials and Functional Agriculture Biodiversity programs

Paul Jepson, Professor (Retired), Former Director of IPPC and Pesticide Risk Management program leader