Technology is rapidly developing all around us, yet many of the methods for collecting environmental data haven't changed in decades. We hope to change that by providing a makerspace for the world's environmental researchers to utilize - whether it be downloading our openly published code, CAD, or data, requesting 3D prints, help on design or even collaborating with us to develop a project from scratch. The OPEnS Lab is a resource and this guide will show you how to use it!


The in-lab resources we provide include a 150w laser cutter, two 3D printers, 3 solder stations with oscilloscopes, 5 work stations, computers, and three staff members to help you with your projects. We post about our own projects on the blog and we provide all the necessary downloads and information for each project in our github directory. With these resources you will be able to 



The first step is to have a project that senses some aspect of the environment. This could be a water sampling device, a wind vane, a soil-vapor sampler, anything as long as it senses the environment.