Development and Evaluation of Strip-till Vegetable Production Systems

 This project focuses on developing and evaluating strip-tillage vegetable production systems which integrate winter-annual cover crops. Goals include increasing farm income and enhancing soil and water quality. A new strip-till machine using chisel plows and rolling fluted coulters was tested in seven on-farm, paired comparisons with conventional "grower practice" tillage for sweet corn production.

Grower Participants:

  • Mark and Mike Dickman, Dickman Farms, Mt. Angel
  • Carl and Jack Hendricks, Hendricks Farms,Stayton
  • Steve and Alan Keudell, Keudell Farms, Stayton
  • Ray Stafford ,Kraemer Farms, Mt. Angel
  • Rod Chambers, Mari-Linn Farms, Jefferson
  • Bill Chambers and Rob Heater, Stahl bush Island Farms, Corvallis