Dinoseb Grant 1990


  • Evaluate weed control efficacy and crop tolerance of Cobra on processing peas.
  • Evaluate combinations of MCPA amine, Basagran, Poast and crop-oil for weed control efficacy and crop tolerance in processing peas.
  • Investigate the feasibility of field sampling to determine weed densities and weed species of sampled fields.
  • Follow development of black and hairy nightshade from emergence through crop harvest to determine potential for crop contamination.

Snap Beans:

  • Evaluate weed control efficacy of, and crop tolerance to Cobra, Blazer, and combinations of Blazer and Basagran.
  • Establish redidue trials and collect samples from residue trials at five sites in the United States for Cobra and Blazer.
  • Evaluate residue samples for Cobra and Blazer.
  • Continue project examining interactions between water applications and herbicide efficacy-crop tolerance.