Long-Term Vegetable Crop Rotation Study


  • To evaluate effects of several winter cover crop systems, including fallseeded and overseeded triticale, fall-seeded triticale plus winter pea, and overseeded red clover on yield and quality of broccoli at three rates of N. The cover crops followed sweet corn fertilized with three rates of N in 1996.
  • To evaluate the effect of these cover crops on the amount of soil mineral N available to the broccoli crop at sidedressing time.
  • To evaluate the effect of these cover crops and the N applied to sweet corn in 1996 on the amount of nitrate leached below the root zone.


  • John Selker, Dept. of Bioresources Engineering
  • Richard Dick, Dept. of Crop and Soil Science
  • Peter Bottomley, Dept. of Microbiology