Pesticide Evaluation and Education - Magnitude of Residue Field Trials; Clethodim/Broccoli, Ethofumesate and Desmedipham/Beets

PROJECT LEADER: Robert B. McReynolds, District Extension Agent, IR-4 Field Research Center Coordinator

COOPERATORS: Rick Melnicoe, Director, Western Region 1R-4 & Jeffrey Jenkins, Extension Specialist, Agricultural Chemistry 


The objective of these trials was to collect samples of broccoli and beets from plots treated with the test substances as well as crop from untreated plots for use in residue analyses. Once analyzed, the results from these trials and similar trials conducted in other
states will be summarized in petitions to EPA requesting national residue.tolerances for (Prism) clethodim in broccoli and for ethofiimesate (Nortron) and desmedipharn (Betanex) in beets. Collecting data on the effectiveness of these herbicides was not an objective of this project.