Predicting Phosphorus and Nitrogen Needs in Sweet Corn (2012)

Dan M. Sullivan, Aaron Heinrich, and Ed Peachey
Horticulture and Crop & Soil Science, OSU

Research Objectives

1. Measure crop N uptake in the field (with zero N fertilizer applied).
2. Measure N mineralization rate potential in the laboratory using a variety of testing protocols.
3. Determine the effect of soil incubation temperature on rate of N mineralization in the laboratory, using an aerobic incubation method.
4. Relate lab measurements of soil N mineralization potential to N uptake by corn in zero N field plots.
5. Determine the utility of an at-planting soil nitrate test.

1. Determine the effect of banded P fertilizer rate on crop yield and quality for early and late season planting dates.
2. Measure P supply to roots under actual field conditions using Plant-Root Simulator probes. The PRS measurements assessed P supply as affected by prevailing soil moisture, temperature, physical and biological conditions at each site.