Processed Vegetable Industry Field Day August 12 2013

Schedule with links to handouts


4:00 Introduction

4:05 Advanced bean lines (Jim Myers, OSU Horticulture)


HANDOUTS for Heinrich, Peachey, Green presentations below

4:30 Nitrate quick test demonstration (Aaron Heinrich, OSU Horticulture)


4:45 Weed management in beets and chard (Ed Peachey, OSU Horticulture)


5:00 Weed management in snap beans (Ed Peachey, OSU Horticulture)


5:15 VegNet update (Jessica Green, OSU Horticulture)

5:20 Use of Anthem in sweet corn (Ed Peachey, OSU Horticulture)

5:25 Herbicide carryover study (Ed Peachey, OSU Horticulture)

5:30 Biological control of bindweed (Jessica Green, OSU Horticulture)


5:40 Managing pH to manage clubroot (Aaron Heinrich and Alex Stone, OSU Horticulture)

5:50 Diagnosing squash wilt (WSARE funded) (Alex Stone, OSU Horticulture)
OSU Plant Clinic Plant Disease Form

6:00 Birds on processed vegetable farms (Dana Sanchez, OSU Fisheries and Wildlife)

6:15 Fish on processed vegetable farms (Josh Williams, OSU Fisheries and Wildlife)

6:30 Dinner