Processing and quality evaluation of experimental green beans: Supplemental report

Fifty-three preliminary OSU breeding lines along with Savannah, 91G, OR54, OSU 5630, and OSU 5669 as checks were processed in the 2009 OSU Preliminary Breeding Trial. In the Commercial Trial, seventeen commercial selections were processed along with four checks:. OR 91G, OR 54, OSU 5630, and OSU 6443.
All frozen samples were displayed and evaluated by researchers and interested growers and processors in January 2010. The best of the OSU preliminary and advanced lines along with all the samples from the Commercial Trial were displayed to the industry at the Northwest Food Processors Association meeting.
Though the data from the Research Evaluation does show how the new lines are doing and which crosses are the most promising, the low number of evaluators does not lead to statistically significant analysis of the results.