VegNet Regional Pest Monitoring Program Report (2010)

VegNet is a regional pest monitoring and reporting network serving the Oregon processed vegetable industry, managed by the OSU Extension Service, and funded by the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission.

This Report was submitted to the Agricultural Research Foundation and the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission Broccoli and Cauliflower, Corn and Bean Research Committees.

Research Leader: Daniel McGrath

Cooperators: Manual Silveira and Jim Gill, NORPAC; Wayne Parker, Jason White, and Neil MacInnes, National Frozen; Jon Brown, Truitt Bros; Larry, Ron, and Molly Pearmine, Richard Haener, Mark, Mike, and Cory Dickman, Skip Gray, Oscar Lopez, Matt and Gary Cook, Karl, Nancy, and Kenny Hendricks, Tom and Sam Sweeney Farm. Technical support for this project was provided by Mike Kennedy and
Jenny Yan.