Willamette Valley Wildlife Conservation on Farms Videos (2013)

Kenagy Family Farm

Kenagy Family Farm is located outside of Albany, Oregon and the family grows corn and beans for processing, as well as a variety of seed crops: vegetable seeds (primarily hybrid red radish), cover crop seed, grass seed, and native grass and forb seed for the restoration market. The Kenagy family's farming goals are to 1) operate an economically sustainable farm that provides a respectable living and satisfying lifestyle for the family and future generations, and 2) protect and enhance the farm's agro-ecosystem functions. These functions include food and seed production as well as ecological functions such as the provision of a) off-channel habitat for aquatic organisms, b) woodland and wetland habitats for birds, amphibians, mammals, pollinators, and other beneficial organisms, c) water quality, and d) flood storage.

Pearmine Farms

Pearmine Farms is a family farm located on the mainstem of the Willamette River near Gervais, OR. They grow corn, beans, broccoli, and cauliflower for processing as well as seed crops (grass, clover, etc). They are a multi-generational farm family with strong ties to the land. In this video Ron Pearmine talks about his family history and the importance of conserving wildlife on Willamette Valley farms.