The College of Agricultural Sciences has over $90 million in total R&D expenditures. Below are the six largest grants awarded within the past year.

Grant TitleĀ 




Developing Multi-use Naked Barley for Organic Farming Systems

US Department of Agriculture

Hayes, Patrick


INFEWS/T1: Scarcity Amid Abundance: Understanding Trade-offs in the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in the Willamette River Basin

NSF Directorate for Geosciences

Higgins, Chad W.


A novel approach for measuring firefighters' occupationally-related chemical exposures

Fed Emergency Mgt Agency

Anderson, Kim A.


Langdon -Improved delivery of water-soluble nutrients to marine fish larvae to promote expansion of US commercial aquaculture.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Adm

Walker, Shelby E.


Benzo[a]pyrene Micro-dosing of Humans: A New Tool for Exposure, Risk Assessment and Prevention

National Institutes of Health

Williams, David E.


Inland Pacific Northwest Wheat-Based Systems: Landscapes in Transition

University of Idaho

Seavert, Clark F.