Listed below are profiles of many commonly found weeds in nurseries and field production sites throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California. Use this data base to assist with the identification of problem weeds you may encounter in your own fields, nursery or landscapes. More weeds profiles will be added as often as possible.

Each weed profile provides basic biological traits and cultural preferences for that weed, but for control and management options, we direct users to the Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook.

The easiest way to use this handbook is to look under the “Contents” tab on the drop-down menu across the top of the home page. Under this tab, the user can select from various crop type categories such as Christmas trees, Nursery, Greenhouse and Bulb crops, or Turfgrasses. Select the appropriate crop category, click and find valuable information for developing a working strategy for weed management.

Recommendations in this handbook are based on research results from the Agricultural Experiment Stations and Extension Services of Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. It is designed as a quick reference guide for weed control practices and herbicides used in various cropping systems and sites in our Pacific Northwest area.

The Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook is an invaluable resource, providing information and useful tools to assist growers and other industry professionals. Check out the tabs on Pesticide Safety, Tables and Calculations, as well as a Safety Checklist.