Applied and basic research efforts address local, regional, and national issues.These efforts explore new or improved production methods that help maintain the sustainability of the diverse Oregon nursery and greenhouse industries.

Breeding and selection of environmentally friendly plant material best suited to meet the demands of specific markets will help the Oregon industry maintain a high standard.

Assistant professor Ryan Contreras and Christmas tree specialist Chal Landgren focus on many of these issues in their research programs.Ryan's program involves several areas of ornamental plant breeding and cultivar development. Chal Langren's recent work includes selection and breeding of Turkish and Nordmann Firs for the Christmas tree industry. Other faculty focuses on insect life cycles and timing of control tactics to manage pests while preserving beneficial insects.

Another group began work on sudden oak disease when it threatened the industry and landscapes of Oregon. The value of research innovations in pest management alone is estimated at several million dollars per year.

Here are several of the researchers involved in these many aspects and topics. Proceed to the People section of this site for more detailed information on each researcher listed.

Useful Research Links:

Horticultural Research Institute(HRI)

The HRI supports and promotes horticultural research that benefits the nursery and landscape industries.

The IR4 Project

Rutgers University site with information on research projects and other ornamental research information.

USDA/ Agricultural Research Service-Application Technology Research Unit

The Application Technology Research Unit (ATRU) utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach in developing methods to enhance crop protection while safeguarding environmental quality, food and worker safety.


Quantifying Winter Fertilizer Runoff in the Pacific Northwest

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, greenhouse and nursery crops are Oregon’s #1 agricultural commodity, using over 50,000 acres of agricultural land. Of these greenhouse and nursery crops, container grown plants are the highest selling crop with the greatest gains, increasing...

Testing Plant Health Evaluation Tools

A look at the effectiveness of several commonly used plant health evaluation tools when tested on conifers.

Management of Foliar Phytophthora Disease in Malus, Pyrus, and Rhododendron

Studies conducted at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center Research Objectives Investigate the influence of specific crab apple cultivars on the management of disease caused by Phytophthora syringae.To evaluate various fungicide applications on preventing foliar Phytophthora disease on...