To recognize students, staff or faculty as a team or individuals for outstanding efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion in the college or university that have significant impact on the college.  Presentation of this award will serve to highlight the importance of efforts to recognize equity, inclusion and civil discourse as core values of the College of Agricultural Sciences, and to acknowledge the importance of diversity to developing solutions that more effectively serve all of humanity.  


One award of $1000 will be made to individuals; teams will receive $4000.

 In addition, individuals will receive a plaque, and members of teams will receive a certificate.  The formal announcement and presentations of the award will be made at the College of Agricultural Sciences' Faculty and Staff Luncheon.


The nominees must be staff, faculty or students majoring in the College of Agricultural Sciences. A team will be defined as two or more people and can exist within a single administrative unit, but more frequently will cross administrative units. The purpose of this award is intended to honor the noteworthy efforts of teams or individuals that lead to enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion within the college.


Evaluations will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Leadership in inclusion efforts connected to CAS;
  2. Leadership in innovative approaches to inclusion and diversity enhancements;
  3. Signals of change or impact that may be resulting from these efforts;
  4. Service to the college and university related to diversity and inclusion;
  5. Recognition in their discipline; and
  6. Peer recognition

The nomination materials should document the accomplishments of the nominee(s).


NEW* - Nominations must include a one-paragraph summary of the awardee’s biography, specific to this award.  This paragraph will be used as a script to be read by the Presenter during the awards ceremony and should be 250 words, maximum.

Nominations may be made by individuals or groups, including administrators and staff or from any of the many constituency groups related to Oregon State University and the College of Agricultural Sciences. Completed supporting documents should be submitted to the Office of the Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences.

Supporting documentation should include:

  • A letter of nomination consisting of no more than two single-spaced pages,
  • Professional resume, and
  • Three to five supporting letters.

The College of Agricultural Sciences Awards Committee will select the award winners. This committee is composed of CAS faculty and staff.


Dean’s Excellence Fund