Recognition of outstanding teachers in the College of Agricultural Sciences.


  1. The Registry of Distinguished Teachers, excluding the R. M. Wade winner, will not exceed 3 percent of number of teaching faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences annually. The number of teaching faculty will be based on the December faculty employment records.
  2. The R. M. Wade Award will be presented to the top teacher. The winner will be named to the Registry.
  3. Each award winner will receive a certificate. The R. M. Wade Award winner will also receive $1,100. Awards will be presented during the College of Agricultural Sciences' Faculty and Staff Luncheon.


The nominee must be teaching (have assigned FTE) in the College of Agricultural Sciences at the time of nomination, with a minimum of three years teaching experience at Oregon State University with major involvement in at least one course per year. A person may receive the R. M. Wade Award only once. Persons selected for the Registry may be nominated for the R. M. Wade Award in subsequent years. A person on the Registry may be again nominated for the Registry after three years have lapsed.


  1. Mastery of subject matter.
  2. Ability to motivate and stimulate.
  3. Ability to communicate.
  4. Innovation.
  5. Evidence of favorable student and peer response.


  1. NEW* - Nominations must include a one-paragraph summary of the awardee’s biography, specific to this award. This paragraph will be used as a script to be read by the Presenter during the awards ceremony and should be 250 words, maximum.
  2. Nominations should be coordinated through a department or administrative unit and complete nomination packets should be sent to the Office of the Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences.
  3. A nomination packet may be resubmitted a second time with the previous year's letters of support. Other supporting documents must be updated.
  4. Supporting documents should include:
    • A summary not to exceed two pages of the teaching accomplishments.
    • A summary of the instructor and course evaluation.
    • No more than five supporting letters, including letters from both current or former students and faculty colleagues.
    • A professional resume including position description, FTE distribution, and evidence of successful program.
  5. The award winners will be selected by the College of Agricultural Sciences Awards Committee composed of faculty and staff.


The cash award for excellence in teaching is sponsored by the R. M. Wade Foundation.

Registry of Award Winners