1994 Patrick M. Hayes Crop and Soil Science
  Alfred J. Menino, Jr. Animal Sciences
  Mary L. Powelson Botany and Plant Pathology
1995 Gerald F. Kling Crop and Soil Science
  Patricia J. Lindsey Agricultural and Resource Economics
1996 Herbert Huddleston Crop and Soil Science
  Larry Larson OSU Agriculture Program (EOSC)
  Ronald Wrolstad Food Science and Technology
1997 R. Lee Cole Agricultural Education and General Agriculture
  David P. Froman Animal Sciences
  Stanley V. Gregory Fisheries and Wildlife
1998 Lee Cole Agricultural Education
  Mary L. Powelson Botany and Plant Pathology
1999 Penny Diebel Agricultural Research and Economics
  Carol Mallory-Smith Crop and Soil Sciences
  Mary Powelson Botany and Plant Pathology
2000 Fred W. Obermiller Agricultural & Resource Economics
2000 W. Daniel Edge Fisheries and Wildlife
2001 Bruce Coblentz Fisheries and Wildlife
2001 Stan Gregory Fisheries and Wildlife
2001 Fred Obermiller Agricultural and Resource Economics
2001 Ann Marie VanDerZanden Horticulture
2002 Penny Diebel Agricultural and Resource Economics
2003 Nan Scott Crop and Soil Science
2004 Judith Li Fisheries and Wildlife
2005 Elizabeth Sulzman Crop and Soil Science
2006 Selina Heppell Fisheries and Wildlife
2007 Mark Daeschel Food Science and Technology
2011 Andrew Ross

Crop and Soil Science/Food Science and Technology

2012 Kenneth Johnson

Botany & Plant Pathology

2013 Clint Epps Fisheries & Wildlife