2011 CAS Faculty and Staff Awards Recipients

The College of Agricultural Sciences honored outstanding CAS Faculty and Staff.  Awardees were:

CAS Classified

  • Debby Yacas-Food Science

CAS Professional Faculty

  • Paul Dorres-CAS Academic Programs
  • Viki Meink-Horticulture

Savery Outstanding Young Faculty

  • Clint Epps-Fisheries & Wildlife

Jackman/Oldfield Team Award

  • “eOrganic” Team-Horticulture

Price/ARF Excellence in Student Advising & Counseling

  • Selina Heppell-Fisheries & Wildlife

Price/ARF Excellence in Research

  • Scott Baker-Marine Mammal Institute

ARF Distinguished Faculty

  • Bruce Weber-AREC

RM Wade Excellence in Teaching

  • Andrew Ross- Crop and Soil Science/Food Science and Technology

CAS Excellence in Extension Education

  • Bruce Sorte-AREC

ARF Faculty Research Assistant

  • Linda Brewer-Horticulture

Roy G. Arnold/ARF Leadership Award

  • Bruce Mate-Fisheries and Wildlife, HMSC


The 2011 Faculty and Staff Celebration program (pdf) includes many more awards and honors not listed above.