2019-20 CAS Award Recipients

Agricultural Research Foundation Distinguished Faculty Award

  • Robyn Leigh Tanguay, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

Agricultural Research Foundation Faculty Research Assistant Award

  • Tyler Hoskins, Horticulture
  • Kyle Roerig, Crop and Soil Science

Briskey Award for Faculty Excellence

  • Dave Stone, Food Innovation Center, Food Science and Technology

College of Agricultural Sciences Award for Excellence in Extension Education

  • Sergio Arispe, Malheur County Extension Service, Animal and Rangeland Sciences

College of Agricultural Sciences Classified Employee and Professional Faculty Award

  • Diane Franck, AMBC - Animal and Rangeland Sciences
  • V. Robin Frojen, Food Science and Technology
  • Christina Hull, Food Science and Technology
  • Shawn Tucker, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

College of Agricultural Sciences Diversity Commitment Award

  • NIFA Multicultural Scholars Team
  • Wanda Crannell - BioResource Research
  • Penny Diebel - CAS Administration, Applied Economics
  • Katharine Field - BioResource Research, Bioenergy Education Initiative, Microbiology

F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research

  • Jennifer Field, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellent in Student Advising and Counseling

  • Elizabeth Kelly, Fisheries and Wildlife

R. M. Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching/Registry of Distinguished Teachers

  • Scott Heppell, Fisheries and Wildlife

Registry of Distinguished Teachers

  • Guojie Wang, Crop and Soil Science
  • James Osborne, Food Science and Technology

Roy G. Arnold/Agricultural Research Foundation Leadership Award

  • David Bohnert, Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award

  • Ivan Arismendi, Fisheries and Wildlife