2021-22 CAS Award Recipients

On June 2, 2022 we took some time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of faculty and staff at the College of Agricultural Sciences’ Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony.

Agricultural Research Foundation Distinguished Faculty Award

  • Thomas Shellhammer, Food Science and Technology

Agricultural Research Foundation Faculty Research Assistant Award

  • Scott Fisk, Crop and Soil Science
  • Hannah Lucas, Horticulture

Briskey Award for Excellence

  • Jay Pscheidt, Botany and Plant Pathology

College of Agricultural Sciences Award for Excellence in Extension Education

  • Jeremiah Dung, Botany and Plant Pathology/Central Oregon Agricultural Research and Extension Center

College of Agricultural Sciences Classified Employee and Professional Faculty Award

  • Sara Monk, CAS Marketing and Communications
  • Cody Hess, Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Blaine Baker, Botany and Plant Pathology

College of Agricultural Sciences Diversity Commitment Award

  • Renée Johnson, Lincoln County Extension/Small Farms Program

F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research

  • Chad Higgins, Biological and Ecological Engineering

F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Student Advising and Counseling

  • Dawn Moyer, Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences

James and Mildred Oldfield/E.R. Jackman Team Award

Wheat Team:

  • Chris Mundt, Botany and Plant Pathology
  • Christina Hagerty, Botany and Plant Pathology/Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center
  • Robert Zemetra, Crop and Soil Science

R.M. Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Alec Kowalewski, Horticulture

Registry of Distinguished Teachers

  • Alec Kowalewski, Horticulture
  • Desiree Tullos, Biological and Ecological Engineering

Roy G. Arnold/Agricultural Research Foundation Leadership Award

  • Bill Braunworth, Horticulture

Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award

  • Elizabeth Tomasino, Food Science and Technology/Oregon Wine Research Institute
Alec Kowalewski
Bill Braunworth

Cody Hess

Cody Hess
Dawn Moyer
Desiree Tullos
Elizabeth Tomasino
Hannah Lucas
Jay Pscheidt,
Jeremiah Dung
Renée Johnson
Sara Monk
Scott Fisk
Wheat Team: Chris Mundt, Christina Hagerty (absent), Robert Zemetra
2022 Faculty & Staff Award Recipients