2014-2020 Strategic Intent

A working plan for Strategic Intent

Mission, Values and Emphasis

The College of Agricultural Sciences is a world-class leader in agricultural, environmental, and life sciences. We foster leadership and science-based expertise in our students; and we create knowledge to solve problems, manage natural resources, create jobs, and support the economy...

Principles and Practices

Practices that we embrace

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for: 1) College of Agricultural Sciences; 2)Agricultural Sciences and Marine Sciences Business Center; 3) Extension and Experiment Stations.

Capital Campaign Cabinet

The College of Agricultural Sciences Campaign Cabinet is a volunteer board selected by the College’s dean and its director of development to support and promote the College in its programs and activities, principally through the Cabinet’s engagement in framing and supporting the College’s development strategies and priorities.

Dean's Advisory Group

The Dean's Advisory Group is a "think tank" brought together to focus on high-level issues, especially those at the interface of the College and our various stakeholders, including students, producers and processors, legislators, managers, educators, and Oregon residents.