In the College of Agricultural Sciences, a student seeking a college approval signature for an Office of the Registrar petition or form—such as the Petition for Late Change of Registration—must first obtain a signature from his or her departmental head advisor. College head advisor signature also is required on requests for Petition for Exception to OSU Reinstatement Regulations, change of major on the Undergraduate Academic Program Update form, Undergraduate Student Application for Withdrawal from the University, and Petition for Late Change of Registration after the term in which a course was taken. Final approval of all Office of the Registrar petitions is granted by either the Office of the Registrar, the Academic Requirements Committee, or the Academic Standing Committee.

For complete policies and processes for CAS approval signature on petitions and forms, see Policies and Processes for the Approval of Office of the Registrar Petitions (pdf).

For a list of Office of the Registrar petitions and forms available on the web, see Registrar’s Office Petitions and Forms.