About the program

The OSU Pollinator Health Program focuses on designing, developing, implanting, and evaluating a state-wide pollinator health strategy; The Oregon Bee Project. The focus of the Oregon Bee Project is not restricted to the Oregon’s four managed bee species (honey bees, alfalfa leafcutter bees, orchard mason bees and alkali bees) but also to the state’s rich endowment of wild species. 

The program is currently working on:

  1. Training and education material for pesticide applicators to increase their knowledge of activities that increase exposure risk to bees.
  2. Training and education material for Oregonians to enhance bee habitat, including the Bee Steward program.  
  3. Research to enhance bee habitat in Oregon.
  4. Survey of wild bees in Oregon and to identify key plant hosts - the Oregon Bee Atlas

The position arises from an initiative from the Oregon Legislature to improve pollinator health in the state (see House Bills 3361 and 3362). 

Thank you, Oregon for taking these steps to protect pollinators!