Pre-License / Certification

Pre-Certification Training: OVERVIEW

This program has been developed for people who do not yet have a pesticide license. It covers all aspects of the Laws & Safety Exam, which is required to pass as a first step in obtaining most pesticide licenses. Scroll down to learn how certification differs from licensing.

Taking our "Pre-Cert" program, either in-person or online, offers opportunity for learners to more fully engage with available study materials. Critical concepts are presented in 11 different modules. Discussion and examples help reinforce them in a more memorable way, with ample opportunity for review. Our goal is to help you or your team pass the state Laws & Safety Exam....the first time.


What can I expect?

Printed study materials for the Laws & Safety Exam are available, but book learning doesn't work for everyone. As a solution, we have worked with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to develop this "Pre-Cert" training program.

Our team has a deep understanding of how to help adult learners engage with technical material. Concepts are taught using interactive chapters, called modules, that help to reinforce material presented in the ODA manuals.

The program is available either online or as a 2-day in-person workshop. Details below in the register now section.

Topics include:

  • Pesticide formulations
  • Pollinator protection
  • Calibrating equipment
  • Making applications safely
  • How to read a label
  • Transporting and storing pesticides

       ...and much more!


Próximamente! Leyes y Seguridad en español!

Very soon, a Spanish language version of the online program will be available. Stay tuned! Additionally, we have bilingual staff that can help explain the program, process, and licensing requirements to you or your team.

What people are saying...

"I took my Laws and Safety exam yesterday and passed with a 79%...there where multiple questions that I specifically answered correctly due to the class y'all provided. Thanks again"
"Overall, Good class!"
"Thank you all for putting this together... I think it was great"
" I loved the experience and was happy to have all of the different looks into the fields that apply. The input from [peers in] the class was a good help as well"
group photo of attendees (cohort 1) holding manuals, Dec2022

Certification vs. Licensing

It is important to understand the process of pesticide licensing in Oregon. Passing an initial exam (Laws & Safety, Consultant, or Private Applicator's exam) means that you are certified. Then you have the option to take any category exams specific to your job (common, but not required for all license types). You then pay the associated fees to the State of Oregon and they send your pesticide license(s) in the mail. Only THEN, when you are licensed, is it considered legal to make a pesticide application. Review the graphic below and please reach out to us if you have any questions.

graphic of agencies involved and steps to become licensed


Thank you for your interest in the Pre-Certification Training Program! You have two options available:


The self-paced online version of the program is now available! Did we mention it's FREE? You will need a good internet connection to access the course. The 11 modules must be completed in order, but once you have completed them, you can go back and review any section. We estimate it will take about 16 hours to complete the program, but again - YOU CHOOSE when, and it does not have to be completed all at once. The benefit of online learning is that it fits with your schedule!

REGISTER (English, on demand)

REGISTER (Spanish, on demand) (coming soon!)



We offer a limited number of in-person trainings each year. The class size is capped at 30 to provide opportunity for peer learning and personalized instruction. A $225 cost per person covers food, venue reservation fees, and printed study materials. **We recommend attendees secure nearby lodging if necessary**

Please contact us to learn more about upcoming dates and locations.