Training Materials

WPS trainers must have special qualifications to deliver annual training for agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. They must finish an EPA-approved “Train-the-Trainer” course, or hold an active pesticide applicator license (any kind). They must use EPA-approved training materials and keep records about training events. Use the EPA-approved training materials below, or call us to schedule a training event with OSU! CLICK HERE

WPS Training Videos for Handlers and Agricultural Workers in English and ESPAÑOL   

WPS Forestry
WPS Training videos for Forestry workers
WPS Greenhouses
WPS Training videos for greenhouse workers
WPS Training videos for pesticide handlers in greenhouses

Need closed-captioning or to download a video? Find those video links here.

Watch our 90-minute webinar for agricultural employers.
More WPS training materials, including power-points, flip-charts, and more.

For hard copy DVDs, the National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC) has them available on their online store at Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health at Penn State for sharing these much needed resources: Safety in the Greenhouse: Understanding and Applying the Worker Protection Standard, EPA Worker PST 00026 and EPA Handler PST 00027.