Equipment Resource Program Policy 

ERP Application Form (DOC)


Up-to-date equipment that is well maintained is critical to the success of AES research programs and employee safety. It is the intent of this revised equipment purchasing policy to provide more flexibility in the purchase of equipment.

The ERP for the Agricultural Experiment Station enables purchase of new and used equipment by AES units and must be repaid over a period of time by the unit. Equipment purchases by the unit must be used in research programs conducted by faculty with an AES appointment, approved AES projects, and up-to-date reporting in Oregon Invests! and REEport, NIFA's reporting portal. Status of progress and impact reporting will be a consideration in selection. Requests for purchases with ERP funds shall be reviewed within the Dean’s Office. AES units will submit their application to their Associate Dean for consideration.

ERP funds may be used for items costing $5,000 or more with a minimum 25% matching commitment from the unit. The ERP funds shall be used primarily for the initial purchase cost of authorized items. The initial purchase cost is defined as the total invoice cost including freight, dealer preparation, and set-up costs. The ERP funds may be used for extensive maintenance or refurbishing of current equipment, but not for operating and routine maintenance expenses of equipment.

Equipment purchases may be used for the replacement of current equipment or for new equipment. To help ensure continual availability of funds, the total purchase cost plus 1% per year shall be recovered from units through an assessment of equal annual payments collected for up to ten years. AES units that receive purchase authorization shall be responsible for complete repayment of authorized funds from an AES index. Annual payments shall be made from an AES account, including recurring funds, sales or fees. The initial annual payment shall be assessed in the fiscal year following the year of purchase. Units may reimburse the ERP for the total payment of the assessed cost at any time. Full payment of all funds advanced for purchases is required regardless of the life of the item.

Dan Arp, Director
Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station

June 10, 2014