Hi All,

Each year, the college receives money from the University, generated from overhead, for building upgrades. These BUC funds are distributed and expected to be used according to OMB Circular A-21. They may only be used for the liquidation of a principle debt incurred to acquire assets that are used directly for organized research activities, or payments to acquire, repair, renovate, or improve buildings directly used for organized research. The college recommends projects from among unit proposals submitted to the Dean’s Office.

Requests should consist of:

  • a brief description of the item (please be succinct)
  • the rationale for the request
  • amount of BUC funding requested
  • funding commitment from your unit (if any)
  • the total cost of the project (total project cost must be ≥ $10,000)
  • estimated completion date of the project

The attached CAS BUC form should be used to submit unit requests (please submit a separate form for each request). If there is more than one request from your unit, please indicate the priority order of your proposed projects. You are strongly encouraged to discuss major requests with your associate dean before submission. If appropriate, attach supporting information. Facilities that are shared by research and extension functions may be eligible, but only the % allocated to research use can be covered directly by BUCs.

In prioritizing CAS’ projects, consideration will be given to requests which support the research of multiple AES scientists. The level of matching funds would also be evaluated in the review of requests. Health/safety considerations, operational need, as well as budget soundness, level of reserves, returned overhead generated in previous year, and current status of BUC expenditures, are also used as decision criteria.

The following information may be useful to you as you prepare the 2017-2018 BUC request for your unit. For the past few years, total funding received by the college has ranged between $89K to $186K. In previous cycles, approved project costs ranged from $25,000-$60,000 with unit matching commitments ranging from 30% to 50% of total project cost. Current submissions will only be accepted that have total project costs of $10,000 or greater.

In anticipation of an early fall notice from the Research Office regarding the availability of BUC funds, we ask units to submit their request for BUC project funds by December 17th, 2018. Please send your signed copy electronically to jessica.jackson@oregonstate.edu. Also, contact me with any questions you may have about this process.

Please note: you can find the CAS BUC form here.

Please use the contact information included in this email for all current requests.

Jessica Jackson – Finance Coordinator
College of Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural & Marine Sciences Business Center (AMBC)
108 Hovland, Corvallis, OR 97331
Tel: 541-737-5451
Fax: 541-737-9411