Due Date: Full Proposal: 
September 15, 2017

Pre-proposal (full proposal due 11/1/2017).  Using the Bullitt Center as a touchstone, the Deep Green Buildings program promotes huge leaps—as opposed to incremental shifts—in the built environment. It promotes the construction of commercial and residential buildings that implement designs, materials, and technologies that are most relevant to 21st century needs and conditions, including the impending changes to our region’s climate. Deep Green Buildings emphasizes actual building performance instead of installed measures or attribute checklists. It encourages the development of structures with very long design lives and inherent flexibility to adjust to an uncertain future. It seeks to create broad industry and consumer acceptance of buildings that operate as components in a larger, ecologically resilient and sustainable neighborhood system; are comfortable, productive, healthy, and beautiful; and display the lightest possible environmental footprint. Ultimately, the program works to ensure that the Bullitt Center is the first of many buildings of its kind.

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