Due Date: Full Proposal: 
September 15, 2017

Inquiry deadline (full proposal due 11/1/2017).  Energy, materials, labor, creativity, and other “factors of production” often can be easily substituted for one another. Insulation can be substituted for natural gas. Sophisticated daylighting can be substituted for electric lights. Electrified transit can be substituted for gasoline. Such choices, when aggregated over time, create the difference between prosperous communities that run on clean energy instead of bleak, inefficient wastelands burdened by toxic pollution.
With more of the world’s population concentrating in dense urban environments, the Energy, Climate & Materials program promotes livable cities conducive to human well-being. A fundamental goal of the Energy, Climate & Materials program is to eliminate the externalized costs that dirty energy and toxic chemicals impose on the natural environment and human health. By reducing the use of fossil fuels it will reduce emissions that cause climate change. By transitioning from toxic materials to inherently safe ones, it will encourage economic growth through technological advancements in materials & chemistry based on sound ecological values.

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