Due Date: Full Proposal: 
September 15, 2017

Inquiry deadline (full proposal due 11/1/2017).  The Regional Ecosystem Health program recognizes that human well-being is dependent on the ecosystem goods and services that nature provides. It addresses issues at the interface of the built environment and the natural world and illuminates the links between healthy ecosystems, open space, working lands, and vibrant human communities. It seeks to advance innovations in regional planning and management of land and water to improve cross-sector coordination and ensure that policy and financial decisions fully account for the value we receive from nature. And, it supports efforts, based on sound science, to restore and protect nature as the basic infrastructure supporting urban resilience and sustainability.
Ecosystem goods and services include more than the raw materials on which our economies and communities are built. They also include the fundamental life support services provided “for free” by nature: purification of air, regulation of water flows, detoxification and decomposition of wastes, regeneration of soil fertility, pollination of food crops, and production and maintenance of biodiversity.

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