Award Ceiling: 
Posted Date: 
October 8, 2021
Due Date: Full Proposal: 
December 8, 2021
This RFA is intended to address the number of hazards and the associated human health risks of exposures to chemical mixtures found in the environment. Applications should address at least one of the following two research areas: 1. Development and application of approaches to establish qualitative membership of chemical mixture components into toxicity pathway groupings, in order to quantitatively evaluate their potential joint toxicity. 2. Development of methods and tools useful for the examination of chemical mixture toxicity across different levels of biological organization. Specifically, research is needed on how New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) data/outputs on differing levels of biological organization (e.g., from cellular to whole organism level) intended to discern toxicity or bioactivity of individual mixture components can relate back to their originating (i.e., exposure source) mixtures, and to final whole organism health effects. Early Career type opportunity also available - budget cap is $600,000 for this type.