American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
Award Ceiling: 
Posted Date: 
June 16, 2022
Due Date: Full Proposal: 
July 18, 2022
the ASPCA invites proposals for efforts to end factory farming. Grants ranging from between $15,000 to $25,000, with a maximum individual grant amount of $50,000, will be awarded in support of projects to pursue new data, evidence, or narratives that can inspire consumers, companies, farmers, institutions, and/or policy makers in transitioning away from factory farming to more humane, equitable, and sustainable food production. The total funding amount available for this grant opportunity is $100,000. The ASPCA is interested in funding projects related to: documenting or quantifying the prevalence of industrial animal agriculture practices that cause animal suffering, worker health or safety issues, food safety risks, damage to local economies, farmer financial instability, environmental damage, or other social harms (e.g., intensive confinement, waste management issues, anticompetitive practices, misleading product claims); unexplored or unquantified connections between higher-welfare farming practices (e.g., confinement-free, pasture-based, or otherwise animal-centered systems) and benefits to the environment, public health, local economies, worker well-being, or business viability; quantifying the financial costs of factory farms on individuals, communities, and taxpayers, and strategies to increase accountability for these costs; unexplored strategies to assist farmers to transition from conventional animal agriculture to more humane, equitable, and sustainable alternatives, including higher-welfare farming practices, pasture-based and regenerative animal agriculture, and plant-based alternatives; and public surveys, social media trials, or other research approaches to determine the best messaging to motivate and persuade key stakeholders to adopt more humane, equitable, and sustainable practices.