Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Award Ceiling: 
Posted Date: 
October 15, 2021
Due Date: Full Proposal: 
December 1, 2021
The Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program supports early-career life scientists in academic labs across the U.S. The program is open to individuals from gender, racial, ethnic, and other groups underrepresented in the life sciences at the career stages targeted by this program, including those individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes, but is not limited to, women of any ethnic or racial group as well as any individual identifying as Hispanic, Black, Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander, or American Indian/Alaska Native. In keeping with HHMI’s “people, not projects” philosophy, the Hanna H. Gray Fellows competition is open to those dedicated to basic research from both doctoral and/or medical training paths in the biomedical and life science disciplines, including plant biology, evolutionary biology, biophysics, chemical biology, biomedical engineering, and computational biology. Fellows have freedom to change their research focus and follow their own curiosity for the duration of the award. Awards range from $180,000-$1,440,000