Award Ceiling: 
Posted Date: 
November 24, 2020
Due Date: Full Proposal: 
February 23, 2021
The URoL:MIM strongly encourages research to i) identify causal relationships among members of the microbiome, and among the microbiome, host (if any),and the environment; ii) investigate how these relationships affect the robustness and adaptability of organisms and communities; and iii) determine how theseinteractions affect the observable characteristics of the environment and vice versa. Many basic research opportunities could lead to new understanding of theinteractions between members of the microbiome, between microbiomes and the environment, between microbiomes and their hosts, and among microbiomes,hosts, and the environment. The URoL:MIM program also strongly encourages inclusion of research in pedagogy, curriculum development, and broadening participation that accelerates thepace of microbiome science and workforce development, as a complement to the proposal's research on microbiome interactions and mechanisms. Research projects that stress workforce development, integrate training and outreach activities in their research plan, provide interdisciplinary training opportunities,develop novel teaching modules, and/or provide explicit plans to integrate primarily undergraduate institutions and broaden participation of under-represented groups in science are also encouraged.