Award Ceiling: 
Posted Date: 
October 6, 2021
Due Date: Full Proposal: 
December 3, 2021
The funding categories in this RFA are Project Initiation research projects, Outreach and Implementation projects and Work Groups. Priorities include: • Invasive Species: Creating IPM responses to invasive pests and resurgent native pests disrupting IPM programs. • Biological Control of Pests: For insects, weeds, diseases and vertebrate pests. • IPM and Ecosystem Services: Using IPM to protect and promote ecosystem services in managed and natural landscapes. • Soil-Borne Pest Management: Developing IPM tactics to manage soil-borne pests. • Urban Pest Management: Promoting IPM for homes, schools and communities, including the safe use of pesticides in homes and gardens. • IPM for Indigenous, Insular and Isolated People: Promoting IPM for underserved communities and audiences. • IPM for Pest-Resistance Management: Developing IPM tools and techniques to reduce pest development of resistance. • New Technologies to Manage Pests: Developing novel and non-traditional approaches to managing insects, weeds, diseases and vertebrate pests. • IPM in New Places: Promoting IPM to new, challenging and changing industries, such as animal agriculture, aquaculture, chemically intensive cropping systems, urban farming, indoor production, etc. • IPM in Changing Landscapes: Creating IPM tools and tactics for landscapes changed by natural forces, including climate and fire. • IPM Culture and Capacity: Enhancing the acceptance of IPM, strengthening the networks, structures and institutions that promote it, and developing new scientists to lead it.