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News Articles

OSU study finds problem with cutting, leaving juniper

The spread of western juniper and invasive grasses are major threats to the health of the sagebrush-steppe ecosystem, an Oregon State University researcher says.

A gutsy study of pear psylla

Researchers examine genetic contents of insects’ stomachs to find out what they eat and where they hide during winter.

Study: Uncleaned Milk Trucks Don't Compromise the Quality of Raw Milk

Raw milk quality isn’t compromised when tanker trucks sit empty and uncleaned for hours between loads, according to new research at Oregon State University.

Study shows temps at which cherry buds are damaged

Oregon State University researcher David Gibeaut has posted online the results of his differential thermal analysis that measures the fatal temperatures of sweet cherry floral buds in the Pacific Northwest.

Scientifically Combined Warmer Water with Chemicals Exposure Escalates Seriously Damaging Effects in Coastal Fish

Combination of warmer water with exposure to chemicals is already considered to be dangerous to the aquatic life, but the new research says that it could also be threatening the organisms having a temperature sensitive sex determination... more