This is a resource designed to help you identify an applied leadership development experience.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. ) In what type of experience will I develop the skills needed to accomplish my personal and professional goals?

2. ) Do I want my internship position to be related to my current area of study to help me network? (If so, you may want to contact your major advisor to see about potential internships in your field.)

3. ) Do I want my internship position to be outside my academic studies but be related to an extracurricular activity I’m participating in?

4. ) What type of activities do I currently participate in?

5. ) Where do I currently engage with people the most?

6. ) Do I manage an organization or group that affects other people?

7. ) What am I interested in when it comes to working with people?


Asking these types of questions before contacting an adviser will be important.

If you have taken the time to think about ideas and have looked at examples of past internships and still cannot decide on an internship, please feel free to contact a leadership minor advisor for assistance.

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