Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum, OSU EESC

 Collaborative Community Engagement: Experiential Learning through Extension

Our Collaborative Community Engagement project is a service learning that gives interested students the chance to engage and co-learn with communities on a topic of interest or concern to that community. Extension faculty suggest problems and/or projects connected to their local community where students can work in small teams to solve the problems in conjunction with the community. Students will use funds from this grant to travel to the community location and, with the help of the extension faculty, listen, plan, teach, and learn together with the community to solve the problems. Upon completion of the project, students will give a campus presentation showcasing what they have learned and how community engagement through OSU Extension has changed their outlook on their future careers and the communities in which they live and work.

Funded projects must run between January 1st and March 31st, 2016. Unfunded projects are on-going.

For Students

for Faculty

Extension Faculty must submit an online application form with a description of the Extension Project and location. Additionally, applications must also have a budget uploaded with the submission to be considered for this grant funding. The budget should outline any material and supply costs associated with the project; cost of hotel accommodations for students (if student participants will need to stay over night); mileage between Corvallis and the Extension office; and any other costs for the project to be carried out. Staffing and wages cannot be covered by money from this grant.

For questions about application requirements or submission, please contact Sam Angima ( or Katie Gaebel (