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SOREC in the News

"Oregon State researchers are developing a product that vineyard managers could spray onto their grapes to protect from wildfire smoke before it reaches their vines..." Read more.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Vines

"By vineyard experimentation, Levin seeks to understand how to optimize irrigation practices with the goals of not only conserving water but improving the quality of the grapes..." Read more.

Focus on Fruit with Pacific Northwest Ag Network

"What's being done to help pear growers keep their crop safe after harvest? Oregon State University's Achala KC updates us..." Listen here.

Dr. Govinda Shrestha kneels near a hemp plant and examines hemp leaves. Overlaid on the image are the words "Statewide Needs Assessment for the Hemp Industry in Oregon."

"This needs assessment identifies what is known about hemp cultivation and knowledge gaps recognized by industry members, including growers, processors and allied stakeholders." Read more.

Comice to Cabernet: New Vineyard Rooted in Rogue Pear History

"Each experimental vineyard planted by SOREC has progressively addressed more specific needs and interests of the wine industry in Jackson and Josephine counties. Studies have improved the region’s vineyard management..." Read more.

Southern Oregon Wine Grapes May Need Less Water, SOREC Study Shows

"Alexander Levin, assistant professor and viticulturist at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, found that wine grape water usage estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s AgriMet network for irrigation was 44% higher than necessary." Read more.

Stories Of Southern Oregon: Extending Help To Agriculture

"Farmers can use a little help every now and then with practices and procedures, which are available from the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, SOREC." Listen here.

Pacific Northwest Growers Can Protect Plants from Heat Waves and Still Have a Good Harvest

"Pacific Northwest heat waves have been challenging growers—and their plants—since June. What do these extreme heat waves mean for hemp crop harvest this fall?" Read more.

Renewed Research in the Rogue Valley

"Today, at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, located near Medford, viticulturist Alexander Levin and plant pathologist Achala KC have brought a renewed focus to the region’s wine grape production." Read more.

Elusive Vectors for Grapevine Red Blotch

"Grapevine red blotch virus slows fruit ripening, reducing sugar and color development, but, unlike the grapevine leafroll viruses, it does not seem to reduce yield..." Read more.

Old World Tradition and New World Innovation

"It was Porter Lombard who jump started wine grape growing and winemaking in Jackson County in the late 1960s. An horticulturalist, Lombard was station chief at the Southern Oregon Experiment Station where he planted a test vineyard that was producing good fruit by 1972." Read more.

Shifting Landscapes of Pest Management

"Imagine a giant jigsaw puzzle whose pieces are always changing shape. That’s an apt analogy for the challenges faced by OSU’s integrated pest management (IPM) team in the Rogue Valley." Read more.