2016-17 Celebrating Excellence

May 18, 2017

Agricultural Executive Council Awards

Distinguished New Professor Award
Grant Ermis
Ag. Education & Ag. Sciences

Distinguished Professor Award
Matthew Kennedy
Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Advisor of the Year Award
Dr. Katie Gaebel
Academic Programs Office

Club of the Year Award
Agricultural Education Club

College of Agricultural Sciences Awards

Savery Outstanding Doctoral Student Award
Sponsored by the Agricultural Research Foundation
Javier Tabima
Botany & Plant Pathology

Savery Outstanding Master’s Student Award
Sponsored by the Agricultural Research Foundation
Abby Glauser
Botany & Plant Pathology

CAS Outstanding Senior Award
Sponsored by the CAS Academic Programs Office
Khiem Lam
Bioresource Research

Burlingham Undergraduate Student of Excellence Award
Sponsored by the Burlingham Family
Madison Esposito
Bioresource Research

Gamma Sigma Delta Inductees (2017)

  • Hannah Baker
  • Lissa Davis
  • Amanda Grant
  • Joshua McCallum
  • Austin Nguyen
  • Ashley Reece
  • Jessica Roland
  • Josh Stewart

College of Agricultural Sciences
Registry of Distinguished Students (‘16-‘17)

  • Michael Belcher
  • Marcus Chatfield
  • M Kate Faber
  • Theresa O’Leary
  • Zachary Pinard
  • Ben Rietmann
  • James (Ty) Seely
  • Megan Seslar
  • Matthew Sloggy
  • Lauren Smith
  • Angel Torres
  • Zachary VanHoesen

Agricultural Executive Council (‘16-‘17)

  • Trinity Shodin, President
  • Ben Rietmann, Vice President
  • Monica Debord, Director of Correspondence
  • August Peterson, Director of Finance
  • Kayla Rushing, Director of Public Relations
  • Scott Jacobson, Director of Ag Days
  • Meg Marchand, Director of New Fields
  • Dr. Katie Gaebel, Advisor
  • Raisa Canete Blazquez, Graduate Assistant

College of Agricultural Sciences Ambassadors (‘16-‘17)

  • Brooke Broadbent
  • Heather Brown
  • Nick Carleson
  • Nicholas Cheatham
  • Luke Coomer
  • Madison Hynes
  • Brecklin Milton
  • Gabrielle Redhead
  • Melissa Robell
  • Emily Schechtman
  • Nick Fleury, Advisor
  • Auna Godinez, Student Director

Leadership Academy Fellows (‘16-‘17)

  • Taylor Boquist
  • Alyssa Cain
  • Alicia Collier
  • Maggie Collins
  • Olivia (Gabrielle) Diaz
  • Alec Eastman
  • Madison Esposito
  • M Kate Faber
  • Hanna Hagler
  • Bailey Jenks
  • Joanna Kubes
  • Ericka Lepschat
  • Rachel Lertora
  • Abby Lohman
  • Ameyalli Mañon-Ferguson
  • Meg Marchand
  • Ellie Puttman
  • Ashley Reece
  • Ben Rietmann
  • Gabriel Sandoval
  • Eduardo Santa Cruz
  • Enriquez
  • Emily Schechtman
  • McKenzie Searles
  • Luke Taylor
  • Nicholas Teubel
  • Lauren Thalhofer
  • Chase Unger
  • Cassie Wagner

Haley Clement, Coordinator
Dr. Jonathan Velez, Director

Thank you to all the students, faculty, staff, industry leaders, donors, and friends who support our college in so many ways!

Our college is filled with students with diverse backgrounds, aspirations, and experiences. Without the generous donation of time, energy, and resources by so many people, we would not be able to honor and recognize our students who contribute to our college’s success.