Long-Term Employees Recognized

We recognize the long-term employees at the Oregon State University Malheur Experiment Station for their dedicated, responsible, and extraordinary performance.

Joel Felix was born in Kihororo, Bukoba, Tanzania.  Joel came to the US in 1988 to study.  He earned his BS and MS at Purdue and PhD at Iowa State.  Joel leads the weed science program at the station.  Joel imagines solutions to growers’ weed problems, designs experiments, raises funds to complete the work, and completes the work through the help of Joey Ishida.  Joel has been instrumental in getting Outlook labeled for use in drip-irrigated onion to help control yellow nutsedge.  The OSU Malheur Experiment Station recognizes Joel Felix for 11 years of dedicated service.

Alicia Rivera was born in GuanoJuabo, Mexico.  Alicia came to Arizona in 1991 with her older brother.  She was following her father, mother, and four younger siblings who were already in the US.  It is hard to imagine how difficult it would be to be “left behind” in Mexico as a 13-year-old girl.  At 17, she went to work in a hotel and worked there for 7 years.  In 2001, she moved to Oregon and occasionally worked at the station.  Starting in 2004, she started working full time at the station, eventually earning a university job due to her genuine interest in the work of the station.  She is instrumental in the successful operation of the labor crew.  She has a keen sense of responsibility.  The OSU Malheur Experiment Station recognizes Alicia Rivera for 13 years of dedicated service.

Janet Jones was born in Ontario, Oregon.  She grew up in Montana, but graduated from high school in Oklahoma.  She worked as a bank teller and eventually became an accountant and human resource officer for a Boise construction company.  As office coordinator at the station Jan does all of the station accounting and is the receptionist at the front door.  Jan keeps everything going, coordinating events, and activities of the station.  Jan keeps all the bills paid on time and compiles the station’s annual report.  The OSU Malheur Experiment Station recognizes Janet R. Jones for 20 years of dedicated service.

Erik Feibert was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.  Erik earned his BS degree at the University of Sao Paulo at Piracicaba.  In Brazil, Erik was an intern at a cacao plantation and worked at a eucalyptus tree farm.  Erik earned a MS in biology at the University of California Santa Cruz.  Erik has been directly responsible for most of our drip irrigation research and helped develop the drip-irrigation technology that onion growers use.  Erik is responsible for the day-to-day operation of many experiments including the onion variety trial you have enjoyed today. The OSU Malheur Experiment Station recognizes Erik B. G. Feibert for 27 years of dedicated service.

Monty Saunders was born in Pocatello, Idaho.  Monty’s grandparents had a farm in Vale, Oregon.  Monty was 9 when he began working on the farm, including driving a tractor.  Monty’s love of farming and fixing farm machinery dates from childhood.  Monty graduated from Vale High School, which makes him a Vale Viking.  Monty became the Farm Foreman of the station in 1988.  Monty manages the fields, machinery, and enjoys the diverse tasks at the station.  Monty has designed and built the planters used at the station for onions, sugar beets, potatoes, and other crops.  He has developed the pressurized irrigation mainline across the station that facilitates the station’s drip irrigation research.  He has built many other things.  The OSU Malheur Experiment Station recognizes Lamont D. Saunders for 29 years of dedicated service.

Joey Ishida was born in Nyssa Oregon and graduated from Adrian Oregon, making him an Adrian Antelope!  Joey’s grandparents on both sides of the family had emigrated from Japan.  Joey learned about farming and dairying from his family’s operations in Adrian.  Joey loves to grow crops and realizes that it takes an element of luck for all crops to grow right.  Joey derives satisfaction from doing a good job serving the community.  Joey serves the weed control research program and is especially satisfied to get a new herbicide labeled for use by the growers.  The OSU University Malheur Experiment Station recognizes Joey K. Ishida for 31 years of dedicated service.

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