Washington D.C. Alumni and Friends reception

On March 29, 2016, the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) held its second reception for friends and alumni who live in the Washington, D.C. (WDC) area.  Wade Foster, ’09 Environmental Economics and Policy, hosted our event at The Fertilizer Institute Capitol View Penthouse. The weather cooperated sufficiently to have a chance again for outdoor pictures; unfortunately, two photos are needed to compensate for the lack of my photography skill and the failure of those being photographed to cooperate at the same moment---my apologies for the sun in the eyes and the shadows on the faces! Congratulations are due to Wade Foster who will be going to law school at the University of Virginia this fall. We have appreciated his hospitality for our last two receptions and wish him the very best that law school will bring.

The participants enjoyed an opportunity to meet other alumni and friends and expressed interest in having more opportunities to engage with current students and faculty at Oregon State University. We plan to build an electronic network (most likely using Linked I) for our Washington based group and we will expand that opportunity to additional alumni and friends. If you are interested in being added to that network, please send an e-mail to Stella Coakley. We envision the network allowing easy communication back to Corvallis and for providing quick links to send opportunities for students or other visitors planning to visit Washington, D.C.  Due to a daughter and two grandchildren, Stella is frequently in the WDC area and welcomes an opportunity to meet our alumni and friends at other times as well. The College values the strength of experience and friendship from our alumni and friends located the WDC area so please let Stella know if you’d like to join our CAS WDC Network. Other OSU College of Agricultural Sciences alumni and friends who live in the WDC area but were unable to attend this most recent reception include: Mechelle and Daren Coppock, Roger Wissman, Brooks Harlow, Alex Barth, Heather Bene, and Stephanie Yarwood.

From left to right in Photo A: Dan Bigelow, Judith Dempsey, Taylor Thompson, Dylan McDowell, Stella Coakley, John Bienapfl (back), Yunguang Chen, Hiram Larew (back), Flavius Badau, Martha Bateson, William Bateson.

Not pictured: Wade Foster (took picture), Gopi Munisamy

From left to right in Photo B: Yunguang Chen, Flavius Badau, William Bateson, Wade Foster, Dan Bigelow, Dylan McDowell (back), Taylor Thompson, John Bienapfl (back), Hiram Larew (back), Judith Dempsey, Martha Bateson

Not pictured: Stella Coakley (took picture), Gopi Munisamy

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