When I think of OSU, the most memorable person I met there was...
Emery Castle
A profound academic who influenced my thinking on many issues and taught me academic humility
Karen Chrisman
she motivated me to enroll and choose my major
Dr. John Crawford
of his zeal for teaching and his energetic lectures.
Will Gamble
of the wisdom and perspective he offered
Professor Heintzelman, Geography professor
His classes were so interesting that he made a 2-hr. class seem like a half hour.
Dr. Henry Hartman, Dept of Hort
his impact on the industry and Students during his life.
Dr. Bob Henderson
He was a walking and talking book of History. I didn't matter who you were (Classified or President) The man just was able to say it to you all.
Dr. Howard Horton
He made learning come alive. His natural ability to teach was inspiring.
Dr. Aaron Liston
He exudes energy as he teaches his well-organized Systematics course in the Spring. He cares that each students learns and conducts the best laboratory sequence on campus.
Dr. Terry Miller
he thinks big, tries hard and cares so much.
Gail Nickerson
She excelled in her technician position and became internationally famous, in spite of a not very supporting univeristy environment.
Dr. Fed Obermiller
he always took the extra time to care.
Dr. Jim Oldfield
His work on selenium and his good connection with industry. He is a true gentleman and has dedicated his life to OSU and animal science.
Scott Overton
He took the time to teach me how to think.
Linus Pauling at his 90th birthday celebration in the MU Lounge
When I lived in Pensylvania and was asked at a party "where did you matriculate, my dear?" I answered that I had graduated from Oregon State University. The response: "Oh, a State school, how sad." "Oh," I said, "it was a great school; Linuse Pauling went there, you know." "No, dear, you are sadly mistaken; he would have attended something MUCH more prestigious." I related the incident to Linus Pauling when I met him and he thought it was a great story.
Dr. Darwin Reese, Teaching professor in Chemistry.
He was a dedicated instructor, interesting, tough, with a sense of humor. He did not focus on seeking grant money for research, but focused on the needs of students in his Chemistry classes. An outstanding individual both on and off campus, having been a Boy Scout leader for over 40 years. He was the recipient of several OSU awards for excellence in teaching. He made a difficult subject learnable, and out of all the instructors I had at OSU, he made the most lasting impression on me.
Clifford A. Samuels
his commitment to students and their success was his first priority
Dr. Henry Tenpas
He took a personal interest in the students of his department and helped them find other careers when there were limited job possibilities in Agricultural Education.
Dr. Thompson
he makes you feel at home in the college of agriculture! He is a funny, great and smart teacher who still has time for his students even after they graduate!.
Dale Weber
he always remembered my name and where I was from.
Dale Weber
He is so young at heart and was the first person I met on campus and he remembered my name!
Prof. Floyd Wolbert
He was highly motivative and took an interest in his students. His courses were well organized and practical.
John Yoke
he had tremendous energy and enthusiasm for teaching in a large lecture hall setting