What is the most useful course you took at OSU and why?


1. PHL 443, World Religions & Environmental Values?

2. Soils - as a landscape contractor, it has been very helpful to understand the media we work with and rely upon for our livelyhood. Understanding the influence and reaction of soil nutrients within the soil profile is paramount.

3. A graduate course in Plant Pathology taught by Prof. Tom Allen. His lectures were well prepared and clearly given It was the excellent lab sessions where the hands-on experience really brought the learning to the brain of a "has been." I had not been in a University setting for about 16 years!

4. Concepts of Survival, because it taught me that panic was the largest problem to overcome in critical situations, and it helped in ways to be prepared for panic

5. ENG495/595: Language, Technology, and Culture: Dr. Lisa Ede's course taught me how literacy and technology go hand-in-hand. Who we are is tied to what we can read, what we write down, and how we share information. This course COMPLETELY changed my life.