Experiential learning can be transformational. Hands-on experiences allow students to learn more about themselves and their place in the world. All Sustainability double degree students are required to complete 3 credits of Practicum.
General Timeline for Sustainability Student Practicum Experience:
  • Make sure to complete SUS 350: Sustainable Communities and SUS 304: Sustainability Assessment prior to enrolling in Practicum credits.
  • Look for a practicum opportunity that will help you gain a better understanding of your strengths, abilities, and career options. Since every student's goals and interests are different, you are required to find your own opportunity. If you want to brainstorm or discuss potential ideas, schedule a meeting with Erica Elliott, the Sustainability Double Degree Program Advisor.
  • Once you have identified a practicum experience, complete the Practicum Proposal Form. This should be done 1 or 2 terms prior to enrolling in practicum credits.
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss ideas for your Practicum with the Sustainability advisor.
    • The Sustainability advisor will approve an override so you can enroll in SUS 410: Internship or SUS 401: Research.
    • Note: You must be enrolled in practicum credits by the end of Week 2 of the term. 
  • Once you are enrolled in Practicum credits, access the course Canvas page right away so you can begin your assignments.
    • Submit the Practicum Partner Agreement on Canvas. Both you and your practicum mentor/supervisor will contribute to this document.
    • Use the Practicum Hours Form to track your practicum hours.


Practicum Opportunities

A Practicum can take the form of an internship (SUS 410), a faculty-sponsored research project (SUS 401), or be a part of educational experiences such as Faculty-Led Programs abroad, Alternative Break Trips or other international educational experience such as those offered by OSU IE3.

Sustainability students have completed their Practicum hours at non-profits, businesses, and government agencies, not only in Corvallis, but also around the country and the world. Below are links to potential Practicum opportunities and internships, but feel free to explore other options.  We encourage you to find an opportunity that engages and inspires, wherever it might be!


Scholarship Opportunities for Internships:
  • E.R. Jackman Internship Support Program provides financial assistance to students in low-paying or volunteer internships. Funds may be used to help offset a variety of expenses including transportation, living expenses, projects, and research.

  • Global Experiences Fund provides resources in support of students and faculty gaining global experiences related to food and agriculture.  More information about the fund can be found at the link below.  To be considered for the Global Experiences Fund opportunity, please fill out the E.R. Jackman Internship Support Program application.