Martens, Bruce

Evaluation of Potential New Insecticides and Fungicides for Honey Bee Repellency in Seed Carrots

Series/Report Number: COARC2016

Abstract: To insure honey bee safety during crop pollination, potential new products were screened for bee repellency. This research was conducted in a carrot steckling field at the Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center (COARC). Bee visits were counted beginning one day after bees were brought into the field and continued for a total of four counts. There was no statistical difference between treated and untreated plots, indicating no detrimental effect on bee activity from these products.

Evaluation of Potential New Herbicides in Carrots Applied as a Directed Spray at Layby

Series/Report Number: COARC2016

Abstract: Weed resistance to ongoing use of Lorox in carrots grown for seed is a concern to industry representatives and growers. This project was established to evaluate two new products compared to current industry standard treatments. Spartan (sulfentrazone) is used in peppermint production and there is local knowledge about the spectrum of weed that it is effective on. Results from a directed spray application at layby indicate that it may provide a good fit in carrot seed production.