2018-19 Acknowledgement of Student Leaders

This celebration brought together the faces and achievements of the 2018/19 Academic Year.  New student leaders will be on board in the Fall, but not before we acknowledge our outgoing student leaders.

2018-19 Agricultural Executive Council

  • Monica Debord, President
  • Dakota Lager, Vice President
  • Katelyn Schrum, Director of Correspondence
  • Jolie Dickerson, Director of Finance
  • Ashleigh Ehrke, Director of Public Relations
  • Katelyn Wetzler, Director of Ag Days
  • Jessica Croxson, Director of New Fields
  • Dr. Christina Walsh, Advisor
  • Marcos Viveros Cespedes, Graduate Assistant

2018-19 College of Agricultural Sciences Ambassadors

  • Ashley Carlberg
  • Jonathan Lopez-Valadez
  • Liberty Greenlund
  • Sonya Bedge
  • Benjamin Nicholas
  • Kayla Rushing
  • Roxana Navarro
  • Jakelyn Santa Cruz-Enriquez
  • Nick Fleury, Advisor
  • Ellie Puttman, Student Director

2018-19 Leadership Academy Fellows

  • Allison Perez
  • Alyssa Nelson
  • Anisa Garcia
  • Ashley Devery
  • Brooke Schlipf
  • Camryn Flint
  • Chandra Maki
  • Ellissa Durning
  • Emily George
  • Evan Brown
  • Hailey Patterson
  • Hannah Hooker
  • Jakelyn Santa Cruz-Enriquez
  • Jonathan Lopez-Valadez
  • Melissa Hui Weng Wong
  • Jessica Croxson
  • Kaylee Marr
  • Alex Varga
  • Mikaela Lea
  • Morgan Lyman
  • Naomi Sakaguchi
  • Ruben Lopez-Carrillo
  • Tyler Scott Gustafson
  • Tyler Kammeyer
  • Victoria Adams
  • Jessica Carter
  • Haley Clement, Coordinator
  • Dr. Jonathan Velez, Director

2018-19 Gamma Sigma Delta Inductees

  • Megan Ooi
  • Jasmin Yang
  • Melissa Hui Weng Wong
  • Daniel Smith

2018-19 Registry of Distinguished Students

  • Ana Aranda
  • Roxana Navarro
  • Allison Perez
  • Julie Whatmough
  • Benjamin Nicholas
  • Megan Ooi
  • Ellie Puttman
  • Raymond Seal
  • Erin Wever
  • Max Combest
  • Jennifer Nelson
  • Colette Richter
  • Hayder Habeeb
  • Clint Mattox
  • Matt Warman
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • William Ortiz

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