TOA-MD: Multidimensional Impact AssesmentPlease complete this form to receive an installation file containing the TOA-MD5.0 Basic Learning Module and the Trial version of the software. The installation file is about 5 mb. Please indicate if you would like to receive it by email or through Dropbox.

To receive the regular version of the TOA-MD5.0 software, you will need to complete and submit the practice data file you will prepare at the end of the Module, along with the User Agreement (provided with the Basic Learning Module). After we review your practice data file and the User Agreement, we will send the regular version of the software.

The information below will be used by the TOA Team for purposes related to the software support. After sending you the TOA-MD software, the TOA-MD Team will not contact you again unless you indicate that you would like to be on our email list for Registered Users. We will not share this list with anyone. We will limit emails to essential announcements about software updates etc. Please note that ALL fields in the form are required. Incomplete or bogus information may result in your submission being ignored.

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