Arif Jan

Graduate Fellow
arif.jan [at]

Office: 541-737-9257

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Fisheries and Wildlife
Beyond OSU
Personal Interests: 

Stream ecology, Ecological niche models (Species distribution models), Statistics, Niche models, Invasive species, GIS, R, Python, Salmon and trout distribution,

Cold water fisheries of Himalayas, Pacific Northwest, and Patagonia, 


I am a PhD candidate at Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation sciences. My interests include stream ecology, spatial modeling, Species distribution modeling (Ecological niche modeling), Machine learning models, GIS, Trout and Salmon distribution, and how Landscape factor shape the distribution of species across the globe. My PhD dissertation focuses on optimizing Multi scale ecological niche models to predict the distribution of native and non-native fish species in Himalayas, part of Europe, North America, and Patagonia.

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