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Bruce Robinson

Graduate Fellow
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Academic Interests: 

I am originally from Huntsville, AL.  I grew up in Auburn, AL and I attended Auburn University.  I received a BS in Biochemistry and a minor series in both History and Sustainability Studies in 2012.  My undergraduate research focused on hormone interactions and developmental plant genetics under Dr. Aaron Rashotte.  After working in a lab for a few months I accepted a fellowship opportunity at Oregon State University. I am currently working under Dr. Aymeric Goyer and Dr. Vidyasagar Sathuvalli on a project that centers around the biofortification of economically important potato species. This includes nutritional enhancement as well as pathogen resistance through traditional breeding.

Academic Awards: Summer 2012: NSF EPSCoR Auburn University Cellular and Molecular Biosciences Undergraduate Summer Research Scholar


Zwack PJ, Shi X, Robinson BR, Gupta S, Gerken DM, Compton MA, Goertzen LR, Rashotte AM (2012) Vascular expression and C-terminal sequence divergence of Cytokinin Response Factors in flowering plants. Plant & Cell Physiology 53:1683-1695

Zwack PJ, Robinson BR, Risley MG, Rashotte AM (2012) Cytokinin Response Factor 6 Negatively Regulates Leaf Senescence in Response to Cytokinin and Abiotic Stress. Plant & Cell Physiology. 54: 971-981